At-Home Tutoring

Need support during your studies? Our team is by your side regardless of the level or subject you need support with. This at home service is available to all, in every subject. 

Homework Help

This service is intended to give the student weekly help during the homework period. This helps reliving pressure and stress from the parents. It also gives the student confidence and knowledge to succeed during class. The student gets to see a tutor every week to help him answer all his questions regarding his homework"s. 

Exam/test preparation

Student gets to meet with a tutor a few days before his exam to consolidate his knowledge and ask questions to make sure everything is clear before the big day. The tutor will also have a revision plan ready for the student and himself to follow during the lesson. This will help the student focus on the right things before his exam.

Catch up

This service is offered to all regardless if you have academic difficulties or if you just need an extra push. Daily, or weekly sessions with a tutor will help the student counter his difficulties by reviewing all of the concepts seen in class. With this service we aim to help all student regardless of their speed in learning to achieve the same grades and understand at the same speed as other student in the classroom.

Who is this for?

This is by far the easiest question asked to answer when it is asked by our customers. This service aims to help everyone, from the busy parents to the students. Regardless of their grades in school this at home tutoring service will help you attain better grades, better self esteem and of course piece of mind for the parent knowing that their child is taking care of by a tutor in the other room of the house. 


Felimar Figueroa

“Sébastien est vraiment professionnel. Il a beaucoup de patience et passion pour l'enseignement. Je le recommande fortement. Merci Sebas pour ton bon travail, à bientôt"


“La confiance chez les enfants est d'une importance primordiale. Ils ont été capable en quelques séances de faire gagner mon fils en confiance. Une entreprise incroyable. "


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