Nuty and Fruity Bark

Nuty and fruity dark chocolate bark. This recipe regroups a couple of our brain foods.

DIFFICULTY: Very easy         MAKES: 4          COOKING TIME: 30 minutes


- 150g of dark chocolate (80% or more)

- 90g of mixed nuts (unsalted)

- 1 strawberry  


1) Open your chocolate bars and place them into a pot. 

2) Place your pot onto your stove at a low heat. 

3) Wait until your chocolate is melted into a smooth liquid. 

4) Grab a tray and lay down parchment paper on it. 

5) Grab your pot and use a spoon to pour your chocolate onto your tray. 

6) Get funky, it is bark, therefore it does not have to be a perfect round shape.

7) Grab your nuts and sprinkle them onto your bark. 

8) Grab a strawberry, cut it finely, and sprinkle it over your bark. 

**** If you decided to only put fruits, due to an allergy, do the same steps without the additional use of nuts. 

**** Also, be sure to eat your bark right away when using fruits. You cannot leave it in your pantry for days; if so, the fruit will rot. 

9) Place your tray of bark into your fridge to cool down. 

10) Once the bark has cooled and the chocolate does not melt onto your fingers, use your hands to crack your bark making different shapes. 

11) Once that is done, eat them and enjoy with the whole family! 


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