Tidal Wave Cookies

 Delicious, quick and easy cookies that are not only tasty, but are also very healthy.

DIFFICULTY: Easy          MAKES: 12          COOKING TIME: 30 minutes


- 300g of dark chocolate (80% or more)

- 30g of nuts (unsalted)

- 30g of fruits (dried and/or fresh)


1) Place your dark chocolate into a pan.

2) Turn on your stove to a low heat.

3) Wait until the chocolate is fully melted.

4) Place parchment paper on a tray.

5) Once the chocolate is melted, use a spoon to plop down your chocolate onto the parchment paper.

6) When you drop the chocolate onto the tray, it should pretty much make a circle on its own, if not, shape it with your spoon.

7) Once your dark chocolate is on the tray, sprinkle as many nuts as you want onto the cookies.

8) Once your are done with the nuts, sprinkle fruits onto your cookies. Pack it as much as you would like.

9) Once that is complete, place the cookies into the fridge and leave them to harden.

10) Once they are hard and the chocolate does not melt onto your hands, the cookies are ready to be eaten.

11) Enjoy with the whole family! 


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