Elementary School Tutoring

We offer our services at home, or online. Elementary school students will gain confidence, and extra knowledge, which will give them the opportunity to grow. We are here to help them develop the skills needed to succeed in class, and to understand subject(s) that may be challenging for them. We take pride in everything we do, and are confident that with the help of one of our tutors, any student will succeed. We also adapt to any learning type. It is time to spread you wings, and fly.

Services and Prices that fit your Needs

No matter the age and level of difficulty, our tutors are always available to help students at an affordable price. We offer flexible tutoring that is adapted to your needs and your desired location. 

At Home Tutoring


Our services are offered in the Province of Quebec. You can consult our different services by scrolling down this page.


At Home Tutoring/ Homework Help/ Exam preparation


Get help from one of our qualified tutors at your home. Every tutoring session is personalized based on the students needs. We work closely with our students to make sure they develop the right skills in order to succeed. Certain students may have difficulty with one or more subjects, since they have many duties to fulfil, and have many different classes to attend.  Almost all teachers assign homework, which for some students, can be a hassle to organize, and complete. If students have a lot on their plates, completing all their homework becomes a struggle. 

Online Tutoring


Online Tutoring is made possible with an online platform that integrates a whiteboard. This service is offered in Canada (Province of Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver)

Custom Plans

Pre-paid plans

10h: Save 30$

20h: Save 50$

40h: Save 220$

A custom solution to fit your needs. We can adapt the hours according to your needs.

The Process

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