Fruity Popsicles

Delicious and refreshing popsicles for any summer get togethers.

DIFFICULTY: Easy          MAKES: 12          COOKING TIME: Hours


6 ounces of blueberries/175 grams 


1 kiwi 


5 strawberries/ 183 grams 


3 tablespoons of honey 


2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt 


200 ml of water


1) Poor your package of blueberries into your blender. 

2) Cut one whole kiwi and add it into your blender. 

3) Cut five strawberries and place them into the blender. 

4) Add three tablespoons of honey into the mixture. 

5) Add 200 ml of water into the mix. 

6) Add two tablespoons of Greek yogurt to the fruits, honey and water. 

7) Mix everything together until you have a smooth texture. 

8) Carefully poor your mixture into your Popsicle slots. 

9) Once that is done, put your popsicles into your freezer and leave it to freeze for an hour or two. 

10) Once they are frozen, you are ready to devour them.

11) Enjoy with the whole family! 


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