Spring Salad

Healthy and delicious salad packed with good nutriment to help your concentration.

DIFFICULTY: Easy          MAKES: 8         COOKING TIME: 15 minutes


Salad Dressing: 


2 handfuls of finely cut chives 


2 tablespoons of dijon mustard 


3 tablespoons of honey 


4 tablespoons of olive oil 


2 pinches of salt 


A pinch of pepper 


1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese 


1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar 





100g of strawberries/ 7 strawberries 


130g of sugar snap peas 

20g of spinach 

A whole head of lettuce 

50g of kale 

120g of walnuts 


A pinch of salt 


A pinch of pepper


Salad Dressing: 

1) Grab two handfuls of chives and cut them into fine pieces. 

2) Put two tablespoons of Dijon mustard into a bowl, along with your chives. 

3) Add three tablespoons of honey into the same bowl. 

4) Add four tablespoons of olive oil into the bowl and stir until everything is mixed together. 

5) Add two pinches of salt into your bowl. 

6) Add a pinch of pepper into your bowl and stir your mixture together. 

7) Add one tablespoon of Parmesan cheese into your bowl and stir it all together. 

8) Add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar and stir your mixture together until everything is smoothly mixed together. 



1) Grab your sugar snap peas and cut the top and bottom of the peas off. 

2) Place the remaining sugar snap peas into your salad bowl. 

3) Cut your strawberries into small pieces and throw them into your salad bowl. 

4) Cut your spinach into small pieces and add them to your bowl. 

5) Cut your lettuce and add it to the bowl. 

6) Grab your kale and use your hands to rip them into small pieces. 

7) Use your hands to crush walnuts onto your salad. 

8) Add a pinch of salt and pepper onto your salad. 

9) Pour your dressing onto your salad and mix it all together. 

10) Place your salad into a separate bowl for you to enjoy.


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