Our Goals

It is not fair to say that there is only one way of teaching and only one way of learning. In fact, there are many ways of doing both these things, whether you are a visual learner or a hands on learner. Every child is different and unique, causing them to learn differently. Our tutors will always be on their toes ready to adapt their ways of presenting knowledge to a student to their method(s) of learning. We cannot just share our knowledge and expect for students to understand right off the bat, we have to make sure the information gets through to them by doing exercises, showing them tricks and creating a fun and interactive session which will not only create a clear understanding, but create a love for learning. 


The sessions are not only made up of the tutors talking at the students, instead the students will have the time to share their opinions, ideas and questions. We want to create a form of autonomy in the child where they will have the ability to do things on their own, share their opinions and ask questions no matter what. Autonomy is more important than dependency. This is where we begin to see that there is so much more to tutoring than what we see. 


Tutoring is not just about improving grades, it is about giving children the confidence to express themselves with the knowledge they have. They do not have to feel shy about sharing their opinions with the world when they are aware of the world around them. We want to cater to the shy children who slouch in their seats whenever they have a question or are called upon to share an answer or an opinion. We want to prepare them for that, where they no longer have to be shy. By creating autonomy, they will have the opportunity to think for themselves and to embrace their knowledge. There are two phrases we want students to learn, that being that there are many opinions and views in the world (they can believe in anything) and that there is no such thing as a stupid question. 


We want to help in ways no one else does. One of the owners has worked with many unique children throughout her life and we can honestly say that no one can offer what we have to offer. As we improve students grades, it is our goal to help children overcome shyness which is the main reason why children fall back in class. Shyness overcomes them, leaving them speechless at a time they should be asking questions or going to see a teacher after class if they do not understand something. Then again, in a class of thirty children, it is very difficult to assist every child which is why we are offering one on one sessions. We make sure every child understands the knowledge they deserve. 


One of the owners has always been a shy person, even to this day. Her form of expression is through writing. Now, she is studying English Literature where shyness does not overcome her. It is our goal to find a way for children to express themselves, whether it be writing, art, public speaking. We must find our passion that drives the confidence we have hiding within us come out. There are many forms of expression and which ever way students want to express themselves is a good way. 


“I can’t do it.” “I’m bad at everything.” “I’m too dumb.” “I’m a failure.” Are train of thoughts that we want to eliminate. We do not want those words to ever cross anyone’s mind. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Everyone has the opportunity to be successful in life if they put their heart and mind to it. If told that they cannot accomplish something, we want them to block that comment out and realize that they are capable of anything as long as they have that passion to pursue it. As my favourite artist said, “the best revenge is massive success” (Frank Sinatra). Autonomy allows children to not rely on what other people say and to just listen to themselves and what their heart and mind tells them. Understanding of knowledge can bring that confidence out which leads to autonomy once they have that understanding. 


Here is to the new way of viewing life. We grow and learn together, teacher teaching students, students teaching teachers. We are changing the name of tutoring. Our role is all in our name, Remue-Méninges. We are here as a group (our team) to create a list of techniques and ideas that are creative and what will benefit our students in the long run. We find a conclusion to what our students need assistance in. 


Together we can overcome anything. It is time to come out from the shadows and help with more than just grades. Confidence is key in life. With the right help, we can achieve anything. So, ready, set, go… it is time to help the world with things they cannot learn anywhere else.


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