Why our Services?

Our services make your life easier, just by the press of a button. We are at your finger tips. Just one click and we are here to answer any, and all the questions you may have at anytime during the day. Tutoring at Remue-Méninges is more then just tutoring, it is a lifetime of innovation. A lifetime of constant moving, in order to improve our programs and services everyday. 

Eat, Breathe,  Tutor

Simple Math Equation: 

Affordable prices + easy process + qualified tutors = Happy clients.

It all depends on you. Our services are offered at home and online anywhere in the Province of Quebec. Our special online service is offered anywhere in Canada, for only 30$ an hour. 

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We care for our Clientele 

Our clientele is our number one priority. The reason as to why we are here today is because of our clients. Our tutors are the representation of our wonderful customer experience. They are here for you every step of the way.

Just a Click away from all your Answers

Our chat box is the best way to get answers quickly. You can even book directly from the chat box, at any time during the day. We are always here for you.

Certified and Qualified Tutors

We except nothing but the best when it comes to our tutors. Our tutors are carefully handpicked from a selection of candidates, and are put to the test. We review their education and qualifications. We make sure that they can not only handle the school subjects learned at every level, but if they can handle every unique student we receive. Our lessons are adapted to each and every one of our students. 

Cater our Services to shy Kids

At Remue-Méninges Tutorat, our number one priority is our students. We not only want to make sure that our students have confidence when entering the examination room, but we want to make sure that they have confidence in themselves. Clearly, understanding the knowledge in class is the first step we must take in children believing in themselves.

Who said tutoring is all about grades?

We Adapt to our Students 

If there is one thing our tutors learned, it is that everyone learns differently. We make sure to pair every student with a specific tutor that is best suited  to adapt their lessons, and teaching style to the student. 

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Chat with us. We are here to help you choose the right service for your needs.


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